GearUP session is back to Cairo

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Startup MENA is thrilled to announce another batch of GearUP sessions this fall! We started with one session in Cairo, and will be adding two more sessions, in Amman, Jordan and Alexandria, Egypt.

Jordan Schlip is BACK!!DSC_3410

On October 10th, the famous serial entrepreneur VC and trainer Jordan Schlipf, returned as part of our GearUP session in Cairo for 2015. The event hosted by the American University in Cairo, New Cairo Campus, was buzzing with 100 excited entrepreneurs. The workshop started at 10:30, with Jordan demonstrating the famous, ‘Marshmallow Challenge.’ The entrepreneurs were divided into teams to complete the challenge, and there was a very COOL prize for the winning team.

DSC_3688Hands on Experience.

Since the best way to learn how to do something is to try and apply what you learn, the workshop included lots of exercises and applications. The entrepreneurs had time to write their assumptions on different business ideas. They also worked on developing a Business Model Canvas for two new products that were assigned to them. In addition, there was a variety of interesting and engaging questions raised by attendees, which allowed them to explore different areas of startup development.


Supportive Partners

Startup MENA is always blessed to be supported by great partners. These partners help to add more value to our entrepreneurs. We would like to THANK the American University in Cairo for hosting our workshop. Also, a BIG THANK YOU to our partner the AUC Venture Lab, who has worked hard with us to deliver a valuable and successful workshop. Checkout the photos of the day at this album.

Startup MENA has organized 10 GearUP sessions so far this year across GCC, Cairo, London, Berlin and Brussels. The Workshop content is available freely on slideslive. To sign up for our upcoming workshops:

GearUP Jordan:

GearUP Alexandria:

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