Startup MENA EU-GCC is a series of premium workshops and match-making events between startups, SME’s and corporates in the EU and the GCC

Throughout 2015 Startup MENA will facilitate workshops & events that provide knowledge and know-how on how to open up businesses in Europe and the GCC. We will also be running Startup Challenges for GCC startups in Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Furthermore we will matchmake corporates and SMEs in the regions at two events in Dubai and London.




By signing up or applying to our events you will be able to

Accelerate your business through intensive learning workshops
Pitch your startup in front of international mentors and receive extensive feedback
Get connected with top-level advisors, corporates and investors
Get deep insights to market entry in the GCC and EU

Our mission is to provide startups, SME’s and corporates with the missing links in order to become robust, enhance trade and corporation as well as accelerate growth.

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  • GCC Pitch Challenge

    GCC Pitch Challenge

    Startup Pitch Challenges in Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Qatar

    We invite 10 startups selected through an application process to pitch in front of a room full of mentors and investors! The startups will pitch and receive mentoring from high-profile mentors and investors on their business.

    Join in and pitch your startup in your country!

    The 2 winning teams from each country will pitch at the Finals in UAE!

    The Challenges are rolling out in each city:


    Startup Pitch Challenge Semifinals:
    February 18: Kuwait
    February 22: Saudi Arabia
    February 25: Bahrain
    March 19: Qatar
    March 23: Oman
    March 26: Dubai, UAE

    GCC Pitch Challenge FINALS: April 23 in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Mega market explorer

    Mega Market Explorer (Dubai & Gulf edition)

    Event for European SME’s on the GCC market in London, Brussels, Rome and Berlin

    Are you a European startup curious about the next mega market? Join us for an informal evening session with market experts that can tell you why the Gulf market is a potential market for you! Get valuable insights into the next mega market and why startups from Europe should look to expand their business activities.
  • EU-GCC Connect

    EU-GCC Connect

    The events will be held in London & Dubai.

    The purpose of the match making events is to match corporates with startups to create high level contacts that can be the foundation for creating real business together.

    For the startups this is an opportunity to gain access to real customers in an accelerated way and at an executive level that is otherwise difficult to get to. This can form the basis for expanding into other region (EU/GCC).

    For the corporates this is an opportunity to find new suppliers, technology, collaboration partners or investment opportunities.

    For each event we will invite 40-50 startups/SMEs and 10-15 corporates. The events will be held on connection with TC Digital in London.
  • GearUP Workshops

    GearUP Workshops

    Sessions will be held in Kuwait City, Doha, Muscat, Dubai, Manama, Riyadh, London, Berlin, Brussels, Rome

    Want to GearUP your business with essential biz tools to grow? The GearUP Session is a half-day intensive workshop for entrepreneurs wanting to develop their business with essential business tools. Built on Lean principles, the workshoppers will actively work with modelling their business, learning how to talk to customers and deep dive on essential questions revolving around business a successful business. The workshop is provided by one of Europe’s best expert trainers, Jordan Schlipf. Jordan’s sessions are engaging, energetic, challenging and fun. You will leave the session with the guarantee of having gained essential, applicable business tools that will help to build a successful business.

    The workshops in the GCC will be held in February & March 2015

    The workshops in the EU will be held in May - October 2015

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Startup MENA EU-GCC is an initiative to enhance trade and cooperation between startups, SME’s and corporates in Europe and the GCC. We are rolling out a series of ambitious workshops and matchmaking events for EU and GCC startups, SME’s and corporates in 6 GCC countries and 4 European cities. Through strong partnerships with key institutions and organisations in both regions, Startup MENA can offer the potential to start a new chapter in a new market.

The initiative is fully funded by the European Union and is managed by Confederation of Danish Industries along with a consortium of partners: federation of GCC Chambers, BUSINESSEUROPE, VentureScout, and Sharjarh Chamber of Commerce. To read more about the EU-GCC project follow this link:


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