Startup MENA Egypt is a series of premium entrepreneurial workshops and events for Egyptian Startups and Entrepreneurs

Are you an Egyptian startup wanting to accelerate in 2014? Startup MENA is a series of workshops & learning sessions that can help you accelerate your business.

We can help startups at any stage (whether it is idea stage, scaling business, acquiring customers or signing a term sheet) to overcome their biggest challenges. By engaging key players in the local ecosystem, building bridges to corporates and the international market, we can ensure fast­track development and a high learning curve.

By signing up or applying to our events you will be able to

Accelerate your business through our intensive learning workshops tailored for your challenge
Pitch your startup in front of international angels & VCs
Get connected with top­level advisors, corporates and investors
Get the opportunity to get seed funding

Our mission is to provide startups and the ecosystem with the missing link in order to become robust and accelerate growth. During 2014 we are rolling out a number of startup events in Cairo and Alexandria.

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  • Investment Lab


    INVESTMENT LAB - Investor Negotiation LIVE

    Negotiating a term sheet is usually carried out behind closed doors. We are unveiling the mystery of signing the deal with an investor by setting up a live investor­-entrepreneur negotiation in front of an audience. Hosted and mediated by a lawyer, Investment Lab takes you through the essential steps of the term sheet, dos­ and ­dont’s of negotiation and takes up important local legal issues. Link to Video:

    The event is open to any entrepreneur curious about the art of investor negotiation.
  • Create 48



    CREATE48 is an intensive 48 hour creation workshop where entrepreneurs come together to create something new. Entrepreneurs can use CREATE48 to test an idea; assemble a team and try to build a startup around it. A lot can happen within 48 hours ­ you might find your purpose in life! CREATE48 are for everyone who wants to test out an idea or experience how it is to be an entrepreneur.

    Pitch your idea in order to assemble a team, or join a team that will work intensively on the idea over the weekend. During the weekend mentors will coach the entrepreneurs in best practice, group dynamics and pitch training. Saturday evening the teams will pitch their final result and a jury will pick the winning team, who will receive the reward of €2000.
  • Investor Lounge



    We invite 10 startups to pitch their startup in front of a group of international mentors and VCs. Each startup will be selected through an application process and will have 5 minutes to pitch. After the pitch the mentors and VCs will provide feedback to the team as well as select a winner of the event. The winning team will be rewarded with €2000.

    This event is aimed at startups ready for series A funding.
  • GearUP Sessions



    In a series of 6 GearUP sessions throughout 2014, we will take 20 startups through essential startup topics that can help them grow their business. By inviting experts from Europe and US to coach on different subjects, we hope to provide the participating teams with new and improved skills they can actively apply. The teams will be selected through an application process to make sure that we can solve concrete problems that the teams might be dealing with. We will bring in local as well as international mentors to cover both local and international issues.

    The GearUP sessions are aimed at startups currently in operation, who are looking to develop their team and business to an international focus.

    Session 1: Building a team
    Session 2: Lean startup
    Session 3: Marketing & Sales
    Session 4: Scaling your business
    Session 5: Legal
    Session 6: Term Sheet

  • Open Office



    We want to provide help support as much as we can! This is why we are providing free coaching on selected “Open Office” days. There will be an international mentor present in the office and entrepreneurs are welcome to drop by or book a time. No question is too small to ask!

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