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Our Mission

Startup MENA’s mission is to help developing the infrastructure to create self­-sustaining startup ecosystems that can foster innovation & growth in the MENA region and that is internationally competitive.

Startup MENA is boosting startup ecosystems through tailored workshops for startups and entrepreneurs, connecting them with top ­notch mentors, corporates and investors. Through partnerships we are engaging key players in the ecosystem to provide a fast learning curve, accelerate growth and make MENA startups ready to face the world and also grow locally. Startup MENA is created by VentureScout, a leading international consultancy sourcing startups and innovation to corporates. During 2014 we have successfully been rolling out in Egypt. Throughout 2015 we are expanding Startup MENA to the GCC, Jordan and Tunisia.


Startup MENA is an initiative funded by the Danish Foreign Ministry and Confederation of Danish Industry and supported by The Danish-Arab Partnership Programme (DAI). The DAI programme strengthens dialogue, partnerships and mutual understanding between Denmark and the MENA region.


The EU-GCC project consists of a consortium on partners across Europe and the GCC: Confederation of Danish Industry, BUSINESSEUROPE, Federation of GCC Chambers and VentureScout. The EU-GCC project is funded by the European Commission. The project aims at strengthening trade and cooperation between Europe and the Gulf Countries.


VentureScout help cities and countries to establish, develop and grow self-sustaining startup ecosystems. Startup ecosystems that play to local strengths, fill local gaps, aspire beyond their boarders and generate a wealth of innovation, job creation and economic impact.


Having been a part of over 20 startups ecosystems, we know that every ecosystem is unique, and nothing compares to first-hand experience. Therefore, we always conduct on-the-ground meetings, tours, and visits attending local events. Accessing the specific DNA that makes up any ecosystem, including but not limited to:

• Entrepreneurial Mind-set, Culture and Community

• Skills, Talent and Training/Education

• Events, meetups and Programs

• Mentorship and Role Models

• Co-working, Events Space and Infrastructure

• Investment Risk Capital and Access to Funding

• Business and Legal Environment

VentureScout specialises in the design and delivery of tailored programmes, projects, events, workshops and initiatives. Our philosophy is to partner with local stakeholders wherever possible. Providing support, training and additional resources to compliment existing initiatives and address local needs.

Above all, our mission is to help startups and entrepreneurs!


Today, VentureScout is actively developing startup ecosystems in 10 countries across Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Our clients include the European Commission, the Danish Foreign Ministry, Confederation of Danish Industries and the Estonian Development Fund.


VentureScout is a collection of serial entrepreneurs, ex-corporate executives, venture capitalists and expert trainers, deeply embedded in startups and entrepreneurship. Collectively we’ve built 28 of our own startups, including founding Startupbootcamp (Europe’s largest Accelerator), and achieved 5 notable exits.

Additionally, we compliment our extensive experience and expertise with our active network of 2000+ mentors, hundreds of investors and tens of multinational corporate clients.

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